Corporate Social Responsibility


Traveling has an impact on the environment, climate and society. We strive to minimize the negative impact of our cycling tours and, where possible, make a positive contribution to the transition to a sustainable travel industry. Sustainable travel starts with transparency and awareness.

The biggest impact of our cycling tours is in the travel movements that our customers make back and forth to the mountains. The means of transport and the number of travel movements have a major influence on the total CO2 emissions of the journey. Also the choices that we make when purchasing items that we use during the tours (such as a van, chairs, tables and tools) make a big impact. The mining of raw materials and the production and transport of new items releases a lot of CO2, damages nature and may exploit workers in other parts of the world. The choice for (local) circular items – which are granted a next life – is much more sustainable. This also applies to (cycling) clothing.

In addition, there are other aspects of cycling tours and our general business operations in which we make sustainable choices. Read below wich sustainable choices Grand Cols Cycling Tours is making now and how we want to improve ourselves in the future.


  • Our customers decide where the journey goes, but when selecting the exact start and finish locations we try to choose a town that is accessible by train. If customers want to travel by car, we encourage them to carpool. We offer help with carpooling by transporting bikes and luggage if possible.
  • We mainly focus on stage tours, preferably with the start and finish at the same location. This is logistically easier and saves travel movements. Our customers cycle from hotel to hotel and we accompany them (depending on the group size) with one or two vans/cars. This way, a group of 8 to 20 people travels a considerable distance through the high mountains with limited CO2 emissions.
  • We consciously chose SNS Bank (part of de Volksbank). This bank scores best in the ‘Fair Bank Guide‘.
  • For the time being we focus mainly on the spring and summer months and organise a limited number of tours per year. Because an own van would be idle for a large part of the year, we rent our means of transport. 
  • We use items to provide a coffee and lunch stop along the route and to carry out minor repairs. Where possible, we choose (high-quality) circular options (such as 17 second-hand folding chairs).
  • We have prepared a beautiful, five-day cycling tour through the northern French Vosges; ‘A Travers les Vosges’. You don’t have to travel far to cycle through the mountains. The Vosges are a more sustainable alternative to the Alps or Pyrenees.
  • This website is hosted by Green Geeks. Green Geeks returns three times as much green energy to the network as they use themselves. They also plant a tree for every account that uses their services.


  • If there are ‘green’ hotels available on the cycle routes that fit the budget and meet our quality standards, then we prefer these hotels. To make the right choices, we must look into certificates and claims that hotels make to exclude ‘green washing’.
  • We are happy to provide our customers with a cycling jersey as a reminder of the wonderful adventure they have experienced together. We are currently investigating the possibility of offering cycling jerseys made from recycled material.
  • We want to offer customers who want to travel even more sustainably the option of accompanying them with an electric support car. We will investigate what options are available and whether the charging infrastructure in the high mountains is ready for this.